We are Macmillan

In conjunction with the members of The Exhibition Golf Society and locals from The Exhibition Pub in Godmanchester we hold regular events and support to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

We have done parachute jumps, head shaving, 24 hour walks, moustache growing, desert trekking, weight losing, abseiling, marathon running, bike rides to France, 24 relay runs, meat raffles, guessed the babies weight & date and football scratch cards. We’ve rowed the River Ouse for 12 hours, we’ve partied, played golf, done fun runs, climbed mountains, walked on hot coals, played blackjack, driven across Europe, held coffee mornings and eaten cake and even bought a this tuk tuk all for charity!

We have raised over £130,000 so far and don’t plan to stop anytime soon…

The four guys doing this Tuk Tuk trip to Tossa de Mar have teamed up before when they trekked 100km through the Sahara a few years ago.