We’ve made it to Tossa

Today was the best day, we made it from our guest house in the foothills of the Pyrenees over to Perpignan on some amazing roads then down and over the border and along some stunning coast roads to Tossa de Mar. It’s been another long and tiring day but we’ve made it…

Thank you to everyone who has followed us from Godmanchester to Tossa in a Tuk. It’s been a long way at 30mph, we’ve had some great support along the way and irritated a few angry french people by holding them up.

We’ve got soaking wet and sunburned in the same day, we’ve driven some stunning roads and seen some amazing sights. We’ve got lost, gone the wrong way down one way streets and had a few close calls.

The Tuk Tuk hasn’t let us down once, we’ve driven her over 1100 miles in five days, the windscreen wiper didn’t work that well and the choke needed fiddling with but she’s been amazing, we’ll be sorry to sell her on.

For everyone who has been to www.justgiving.com/tossa and made a donation – thank you very much for each and every penny for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Finally thanks to our friends at Red Bull Racing, Rob for lending us the support car, to Paxton Trailers for lending us the trailer to bring the Tuk Tuk home, to The Tuk Shop for their support and Expertees for the hoodies that were a lifesaver.