What a day…

The ferry docked in Dieppe at 4am so by the time we’d made our way through off the boat, through the docks and decided which way we had to go it was still dark (and cold) but as we headed South through some beautiful French countryside we were treated to a great sunrise.

We wanted to make some good progress before rush hour but it never came, it was like a ghost town and everything (cafes and petrol stations) was closed. A quick google search revealed that today is a public holiday in France so the roads have been quiet certainly through the larger towns like Le Mans. We’ve made great progress and are hoping to brunch tomorrow in La Rochelle before heading to Bordeaux.

The weather today was spectacular in every sense, cold and misty this morning, warm and sunny then very warm then the most amazing thunderstorm. It is still raining outside now.

All in all a great day, we’ve covered over 300 miles today, the RB Tuk Tuk is still firing on her cylinder and we have a beer in hand after a 14 hour shift.